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CompetIT is specializing in providing complete software solutions for sports with complex competitors, like equestrian sports. Our software helps you from A to Z - from planning and running, all the way to the statistics of a show.

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Our apps and solutions

We develop a wide range of software and solutions, with HorsePro as the main line of products. HorsePro is developed for and used by the Norwegian Equestrian Federation, making our software the official Norwegian equestrian management software.

HorsePro Show Manager

HorsePro Show Manager is a complete event management system, as well as a web portal for the show organizers, riders and fans. It is highly customizable, and can be made to fit your needs.

HorsePro Mobile

We develop a mobile app to accompany HorsePro Show Manager, called HorsePro Mobile. The HorsePro Mobile app is created especially for the end user, and works as a guide to equestrian sports events. It is created to make it even easier to use HorsePro to follow the equestrian sport wherever your are. Our goal is to leave noone behind, so the app is of course available for both Android and iOS, as well as Windows Phone.

HorsePro Show Office

HorsePro Show Office is the original piece of software from CompetIT. Development started as early as in 2003. This is our software intended for the show organizers. It's a complete suite of tools for your event, from the early planning stage to the financial management afterwards. This is a full-blown desktop application, providing high stability and great speed. HorsePro Show Office will of course work offline. If online, Show Office is also highly integrated with HorsePro Show Manager, giving end users features like live results and online entry to your shows.


We have a SMS-based notification service developed inhouse, called Inflow. Any user might subscribe to Inflow to recieve news and results directly to their mobile phones. As with our other products, Inflow is customizable and can be adapted to your needs. Inflow is currently used in HorsePro Show Manager, where users might subscribe to their favorite events or riders and horses.

Does this sound interesting? The HorsePro software can be easily customized to work with other sports and other languages. If you or your organisation want a top-notch management system, please contact us.

State of the art technology

Our systems are created with, and are using state-of-the-art technology, including, but not limited to the awardwinning container-system Docker, PHP, MariaDB, Apache HTTP Server, Yii Framework, Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio, Objective-C and Apache Cordova. This ensures that our solutions always will be compatible with the newest systems, as well as top performance and stability. By using our products, we are ensuring that you have the best and most modern sports management solution available.

About us

CompetIT was originally founded as a sole proprietorship in 2003, as Hovland Systemutvikling, by our founder and CEO Sigbjørn Hovland. It was created for the development of a software called HorsePro, on behalf of the Norwegian Equestrian Federation.

Today, CompetIT is a joint-stock company, co-owned by Sigbjørn Hovland and the Norwegian Equestrian Federation. The company is one of Norway's leading developers of sports management systems, and our software package HorsePro is used by almost all equestrian sport organizers in the country, on all small or big events in Norway, and by fans of the equestrian sport as well. Every month, we have thousands of unique visitors on our web portal

Who we are

Sigbjørn Hovland

Sigbjørn Hovland

CEO, founder and developer

Irene D. Senum

Irene D. Senum

Office manager and HR

Beate Grønstad

Beate Grønstad

Support and education

Roar Gjøsæter

Roar Gjøsæter

System developer

Get in touch with us

Do you want to do business with us? Or do you have questions? Here is some information about how to get in touch with us.

We are located in a newly renovated office community at Kokstad, right outside of Bergen, Norway, only 5 minutes from the airport.


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Phone: +47 52 69 55 55 or +47 411 27 525
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